The Top Three Reasons to Play Casino at

The flashy site impresses from the get-go. From their massive image of the roulette wheel splashed across your screen to their ever growing progressive jackpots, there are a multitude of reasons to play Casino at, and this is just the top 5:

New Player Promotions

They offer up a 100% cash match that could see you grabbing as much as £1,000 completely free! You also receive a High Roller Bonus, which could then see you earning 150% on top of this.

Loyalty and VIP

They like to show you they care, so they have set up a programme that rewards you just for playing. Extra bonuses, exclusive promotions just for you, entry to special tourneys and higher withdrawal amounts are just a drop in the ocean of perks waiting at!

Casino Games

Play Casino at and you are in for a treat! Their impressive games collection includes Baccarat and Blackjack in many forms as well as Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Card Games, Casino Hold ‘Em and tonnes more!

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Successful online casino at the moment

Casino Riva is one of the more successful online casinos at the moment and all the players who have already tried it do not hesitate to confirm that the quality of this site is superb.

Therefore, if you love casino games you will definitely have to try this online games room, where you will find a great deal of possibilities to chose from, ranging from strategy games as the blackjack to games of chance like the slot machines.

Therefore, if you are not a member yet, do not hesitate any longer and start enjoying the advantages of this great casino.

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Slots – Progressive Jackpots Guide

Why people like slot machines, because it is easier to operate than other casino gambling games and if you get lucky you can make a fortune. But not all slots offer big jackpots, in fact only Progressive ones like crazy slots. You hear almost every month about a slot machine player that has left with a big sum of cash. So,if you wish to be the next one who wins a progressive jackpot , you need to ensure that you read the following guide. Here below is a list of some of the most progressive jackpots on the net.

So, What Is a Progressive Jackpot after all? A progressive jackpot slot is similar to a normal slot with the exception of the money spent on the machine will be inserted to a jackpot. In most cases there are multiple slots related that form one big progressive jackpot. Therefore, i to win most progressive jackpot slots you must wager the maximum coins into the machine.
The most popular online slots Progressive Jackpots are of course:
1) Mega Moolah
2) Treasure Nile
3) Major Millions.
4) Aztec’s
With most progressive jackpots mainly those mentioned above proposing gamblers the chance to win more than $1 million dollars in a minute, no wonder why they are so famous now. So, why don’t you try online slots, I am sure you gonna have fun.

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Review of Sky Poker

Sky Poker is one of the best places to play online poker.  This site offers the perfect combinations of all the right elements that make any online poker site ideal for online poker players.  First of all, they offer incredible software. While still new to the market (relatively) they offer newly designed, state of the art poker software.  This software provides a very true life playing experience that is completely interactive.  Sky Poker is unique in that it uses a Flash based client.  This means that players can play instantly, without having to download anything.  It’s very easy to register and depositing and starting to play is faster than at the average online poker room.

This is a great site to play Texas Holdem at any level.  There is a great variety of tables to choose from at all limits.  There is great competition at both high and low limit tables and there is truly a challenge to be found by all players at all levels.  They have nice features that other poker rooms don’t have.  For example, you can make notes in case you come against some “sharks” that you might was to avoid in the future.   You can also use the same function to note down the usernames of certain players that you enjoy playing with.  Players can chat with other player both inside and outside the chat room.  It’s a great way to network and meet fellow poker players!

You can also see your past hand history and stats to critique your own game and become a better poker players!

The main objective to gambling at an online casino is to have fun and enjoy yourself. At you’ll have fun even if you don’t win any money, and even more fun if you do.

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Sky Poker Room Offers the Best Bonuses!

When you’re playing online poker, it’s important to understand how bonuses work in order to know if you’re getting the most for your money or not.  Sky Poker offers players the best for their money.  They’ll start you off with a great poker bonus of up to $500 matched on your first deposit.  More than that however, you can earn bonus points as you play. They offer excellent value for their players by offering a complete rewards system.

Essentially the way this works is simple.  The more online poker you play, the more cash you earn, and this is on top of your winnings! Every player gets what Sky Poker calls “Poker Points” based on the real money games they play.  These special points are given to players every time they play at any real money table, including all Sit N’Go and multi-table tournaments.

Sky poker also offers their bonus Poker Points any time you buy into a single or multi table tournament game, which is easily the best way to win a lot of money when playing online poker. You earn ten of these special bonus points for evert dollar (or euro or pound) you pay in buy-in fees.  Your points accumulate and are credited automatically to your account at the end of each hand or tournament played.  You can access this poker bonus information by clicking on the section marked “My Account” inside the software.

This is a great way to watch your money accumulate on top of your winnings! Points are redeemable for cash and the longer you play at the site the more your points are worth when you cash them in!  While many online poker sites do offer similar programs, the poker bonus program at Sky Poker is easily one of the most generous on the web.  Enjoy!

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Mystery behind buyer

The purchase of internet domain-names would normally be the subject of intense lawyer-filled negotiations and cutting-edge business deals, particularly for a successful gambling website such as Yet one lucky winner of a private poker tournament can now boast being the domain’s new owner, having forked out a whopping $400,000 for their new title.

The purchase has also set a new record. The extravagant offer marks the highest price ever paid for a website under the .ca domain, referring to the internet country code top level domain of Canada (ccTLD). This may point to a Canadian as the new buyer, but as yet no-one can be entirely certain.

For such a high bid, the domain’s new owner is keeping mysteriously anonymous about his identity at present, fuelling speculation as to who he or she might be. Naturally winning at a private, exclusive poker tournament is usually done only by the most skilled of players, which would point to an international poker-player as a likely candidate. Our mystery-buyer is also said to be one of the world’s leading online poker affiliates, as it would naturally need to be someone with both the money and business-savvy to run such a website.

Speaking exclusively to in an interview, the anonymous impresario stated that they were in a “high-stakes poker match” which featured a number of the “biggest players” (although who precisely these players were we can only speculate on at this point). On making it to the game showdown, the future-owner stated that when the final hand began, he vowed he would use whatever winnings he received to buy And it seems this was no idle boast, despite our player not feeling his luck at the time. He claimed to have “never dreamed” he would win the game, but he did, and, as he said, “here we are.”

Here we are indeed, as represents not just a wild impulse-buy but a lucrative source of income on its own right. The domain is a comprehensive website, covering many aspects of Canadian online gambling. Games available for play include poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and bingo from the site’s online casino. Aside from this, visitors to the site are also welcome to browse the extensive selection of articles available. These give players from beginner to advanced-level advice and tips on how to improve their chosen game. The site also features a calendar of upcoming tournaments, and up-to-date news coverage on many aspects of the sports and gambling world.

With a shiny new website under their belt, and (if rumour is to be believed) an extensive list of other poker-playing qualifications, the New Year is certainly looking good for’s new owner…Whoever they are.

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Beat the Dealer at Blackjack and Your Friends in Poker

Poker, blackjack, and slots – what more do you need in life?  The online casino revolution has crept into every facet of life all over the globe.  Play casino and poker games from home and get benefits that are unheard of in the brick and mortar casinos.  Bonus offers are the best when you play from home.  Right now 888 Casino Online is offering you a 100% match on your first deposit up to $400.  The best part is that you get 25% of that before you ever play a single hand.

If you are a casino game buff, then you know the great odds to play blackjack.  If you are blackjack Canada player, you can enjoy the opulence at  Blackjack is a long-time classic casino game because you only need to beat the dealer.  The dealer deals you two cards face up and your objective is to reach as close to 21 without going over.  When the dealer reveals his cards, you win if your total is higher than his.

Pacific Poker Online at is the best place to play Texas Holdem.  Enjoy the tournaments, multi-table and sit-and-go games at any time you are ready to play.  The free poker school and practice rooms are a great way to learn new games and practice before entering in a real-money game.

To get all the great advantages of the online casino and play any time you like, play in  Download the free software, register and take the free bonus money.

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We All Scream for Free Poker

Collect an online poker bonus. It’s easy and fun to shop for the best deal at all the competing poker online casinos. A poker bonus is a code that you enter into the registration page of your favorite poker site.

Play poker online to get great benefits like bonuses. Free poker is totally possible thanks to poker bonus codes. Get your poker bonus code directly from the homepage of your favorite online poker site. Another way to get the best bonus codes is by using a poker bonus site. This is a website devoted to listing the newest and best codes. See all the sites offers in one place and how they stack up to others.

Once you have entered your code for free poker, you play! Poker games online are as varied as you could ever hope for. If you have a particular passion to play Texas Holdem, it is at your fingertips. There are more poker games at all levels of competition and buy-ins. That’s right, thanks to the rise online in poker popularity, you can play any variety of poker.

Omaha, Razz, Seven and Five-Card Stud are just a few of the poker varieties you may have forgotten about. With online practice rooms, you can hone and polish your skills before you ever put a penny down of your real money. Poker bonus offers and free poker play would have gotten you laughed at in the old-fashioned casino. With online sites clamoring for your attention, free poker and bonus offers are a reality to make every Joe feel like a VIP at the poker table.

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A review article of Sky Poker

Usually, when reviewing poker online sites I like to lead in with a couple of words on the software that a player is required to download before he starts playing: for the most part I give my opinion on which software is preferable, how easy it is to navigate and does it generally improve or disrupt my gaming experience.
I was surprised to find out that Sky Poker doesn’t require me to download any software: the main menu, the table and games were all accessible from the homepage, it was simply free poker.
Another special aspect that I would like to note is that every Sky-Poker player at one stage will

have their moment of glory on television. You must be wondering what I mean by that – the answer is that Sky-Poker’s gambling site is being broadcast on Sky-TV. While the broadcasting of games id delayed, it’s always nice to know that you actually save money by quitting or that you were actually bluffed into losing money and how you could have become aware of that – that gives you the option of critically reviewing you game and make improvements.
And as long as we are talking about losing money – I was surprised to find out about the fat bonuses distributed by sky to its loyal clients. Beyond that, they even give you the option of turning £0 into £150 and let new clients make the profits even if they hadn’t invested one penny.
To conclude, While I can further expand on the blogs, articles, games and clips I prefer to just warmly recommend that you go and witness a poker experience unlike anything you have seen before.

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BWin UK introduces anyone to online poker

If you’ve been considering whether or not it would be a good idea to take the plunge and sign up for a free online poker account so you can partake of this exciting game from home, BWin Poker UK wants to help you make up your mind once and for all! For potential players who still haven’t decided what they want to do, there’s an option to play poker online for free without giving BWin poker a single piece of personal information. No credit card numbers, no bank account details, not even your real name – it’s completely anonymous and you can enjoy the game without worry. Just click on the link that takes you to the online poker demo client, which is completely free of charge, and you’ll immediately be seated at a table full of demo players ready for a sit-and-go tournament to which you have been exclusively invited. Even though the players aren’t your fellow Englishmen (or alive at all, for that matter), it’s a great way to get a feel for the poker software BWin has to offer and see how comfortable you feel playing online poker on the website before you decide whether to give them your personal information, create and account, or make a deposit of any kind. You may not be able to take home the pot in this demo poker game, but it will help you decide if it’s something you would like the opportunity to do in the future, which is the entire purpose of the demo in the first place. Check it out and see what you think.

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